The Metaverse Will Change Marketing Forever

Imagine a world where you can walk into any store, sit down with the store clerk to try on clothes or shoes, and have your image captured in 3D. The next time you are surfing the web, you could virtually enter that same store to see what is available for sale. This is just one of many ways that the digital revolution will change advertising forever.

Digital Placements & Virtual Rates

The days of bidding for a billboard on Mainstreet are over. With the rise of digital billboards, companies are able to buy space in an area where their potential customers already spend time - online! On Facebook or Instagram, for example, people may be browsing through content that is relevant to them at the exact moment you need a new customer.

Although with the implementation of the Metaverse that means - obviously - everything is digital.  

The rise of virtual reality has already begun to change the way we consume content. People are becoming accustomed to watching TV, movies and playing computer games in immersive digital worlds like Second Life or Minecraft. The next generation will expect all advertising (virtual or not) to be interactive, engaging, and appealing enough that they want to visit your product page.

Call To Actions In A Virtual World

Instead of "Click Here" or "Learn More" Call To Actions in the Metaverse could be a completely new NPC character inviting you to check out the latest digital hoodie drop from Nike.

While this type of advertising is still in its infancy, it's important to note that the rise of VR could change both how people interact with advertisements and what they expect out of them.

The majority of people will not look for you. They won't be expecting an ad and maybe somewhat irritated if one appears. You must offer a pleasurable experience to users, not an annoying interruption. People are much more likely to remember advertising they dislike in the Metaverse than elsewhere online.

The First Effect

Oftentimes in tech being one of the first can outweigh being the best.  Early adopters are looking for the latest and greatest - not just to have it before anyone else, but because they want their voice heard. Companies should be aware that there is a great opportunity in being one of the first movers into VR or Metaverse marketing.

Ways To Advertise In The Metaverse Today

The quickest way you can show your brand online is to join Decentraland. With big-name brands like Samsung, Nike, and Adidas hopping on the bandwagon, the competition for content is increasing. As a result, prices are rising and you can bet that if your virtual lot isn't set up within weeks of being listed it will cost more than when you first saw it.

Advertising in the Metaverse will be different than advertising today. There are many ways to advertise in the Metaverse, and being one of the first movers has its advantages. Companies should be aware that there is a great opportunity in being one of the first movers into VR or Metaverse marketing.

The digital revolution is changing advertising forever. Companies can now buy space on digital billboards, such as those on Facebook or Instagram, to advertise to their target customers. Virtual reality is also changing the way people consume content, and the next generation of consumers will expect all advertising to be interactive and engaging. Advertisers must offer a pleasurable experience in order to get the best return.